Whether you are a Fortune 500 company or
a Single person operation, Lease 2 Loan can assist you in all of your commercial equipment financing needs. Lease 2 Loan understands that every day.

Custom Business Financing

Lease 2 Loan is an equipment finance company that will work with you and your company to develop a business financing and commercial loan program tailored just for you. Lease 2 Loan has represented many different types of clients, large and small. We are a company that will customize every aspect of the lease and ensure that we will create a detailed plan that will accurately reflect the needs of your business.


Better Rates, Better Service

Whether your company needs millions of dollars in commercial equipment financing, or just a few thousand, Lease 2 Loan will create the perfect business equipment financing for your company. We will take the time to understand you and your business. Lease 2 Loan has flexible financing programs that have been developed to look beyond the typical financing offered by banks and other high rate interest sources.


Your Competitive Advantage

Our small business leasing and used equipment financing team has created a business equipment finance program. Lease 2 Loan will help with startup leasing, we can help you to manage a new business equipment financing plan and
help you down the road to creating a successful company.

Give us a try, we will make it work.

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