Whether you are a Fortune 500 company or
a Single person operation, Lease 2 Loan can assist you in all of your commercial equipment financing needs. Lease 2 Loan understands that every day.

Q & A

Understanding a loan process can be an intimidating process, let us know if you have any questions. We are here to help.

Q. Why should I Lease? Shouldn’t I borrow money?
A. Leasing the equipment offers the option to deduct the financing payments on your income tax purposes (in many cases). If you take a loan out, it will draw from your available credit, which could be used to create a much higher profit from other sources.

Q. Who is eligible to lease?
A. All non-profit organizations, companies, associations, and individuals that plan on using the equipment for business and commercial development.

Q, Is it possible to cancel the lease?
A. The lease cannot be terminated, but we do accept prepayments, and we will work with you if you wish to upgrade to a better piece of equipment.

Q. Is it possible to add more equipment?
A. We allow equipment additions on the lease.

Q. How do you process sales tax?
A. We automatically process the sales tax with your monthly lease payment.

Q. How would I typically lease equipment?
A. After filling out a small credit application, the information is looked through. If you are approved, we prepare lease documents for you to sign. We then send an order to your equipment vendor and the equipment is delivered.

Q. Is insurance required?
A. We require that all leased equipment be insured. All we need is proof of insurance sent to us from your insurance agent.

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